A Green Retreat in KZN

TRAVEL/SOUTH-AFRICA/KWAZULU-NATAL / 23 January 2016 at 09:00am

“Durban – Drought? What drought? While large parts of South Africa are shrivelling up, here, at Ingeli Forest Resort between Harding and Kokstad, it’s perennially green.

The resort nestles in a mist belt below the Ingeli Mountain range and faces the highest point in the hilly countryside, with gorgeous indigenous forests resembling a sub-tropical jungle, though the mist is a lot cooler than sweltering steam.

On the other side of the hill on which the resort is situated, the land descends gradually, affording distant views across hills covered with indigenous forest, pine and gum plantations and farmland.

I’m not sure how many regular visitors stop long enough to admire their surroundings, since many are ardent trail runners or mountain bike riders. They had best keep focussed on the tricky forest trails, though the longer rides (up to 30km) venture across open, rolling hills.”



Sunday Tribune – Independent Traveller

January 2016

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December 2015

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