Program Values

  • Simplicity – enjoy easily accessible, real rewards.
  • Value – we’re committed to providing genuine value.
  • Personal – we’ll help you get the most from your rewards.

Program Benefits

Rewards Gold Platinum Black
Early Check-in (Subject to Availability) 13:00 12:00 11:00
Late Check-out (Subject to Availability) 12:00 13:00 14:00
Welcome Platter On Arrival N Y Y
Hotel Room Upgrades (Subject to Availability) Y Y Y
Discount On The Best Available Rate (BAR) -12% -15% -20%
Earn ANEW Rewards When You Stay at Any ANEW Hotel & Resort 5% 10% 15%
Exclusive Competitions And Special Offers (Email Only) Y Y Y

How To Earn

ANEW Rewards are accrued based on the accumulated spend of an individual guest (member) during their stay, as detailed on their final invoice. Any spend not allocated to the member’s room will not qualify for ANEW Rewards. ANEW Rewards earned are on a rolling 12-month period and accrue based on this.

Family Members

A maximum of two rooms under members names can accrue points and must be for immediate family ie. Spouse and children.

The Value of a WENA Buck

R1 = 1 point

Food & Beverage

Any Food and Beverage that is charged to room account will accrue points.

Book Direct

ANEW Rewards benefits only apply to direct bookings. Bookings through third party booking platforms/suppliers do not qualify.


  • Spend R35, 000 in a year = upgrade to Platinum.
  • Spend R90 000 in a year = upgrade to Black

ANEW Rewards Terms & Conditions


1. Joining ANEW Rewards


1.1 Eligibility.

Membership in ANEW Rewards is free and available to any individual who: (a) possesses the legal authority to agree to the ANEW Rewards Terms & Conditions; (b) resides in a jurisdiction which legally permits participation in the ANEW Rewards; (c) provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in ANEW Rewards; (d) is not already a member of ANEW Rewards; and (e) has not previously been terminated from ANEW Rewards.

  1. Members are responsible for reading and understanding the ANEW Rewards Terms & Conditions, Account statements, and other communications from ANEW Hotels & Resorts about ANEW Rewards to understand his/her rights, responsibilities, and status of their ANEW Rewards membership. If a member has any questions about ANEW Rewards or these Terms & Conditions, the Member should contact ANEW Hotels & Resorts.
  2. Members are responsible for reading ANEW Hotels & Resorts’ Privacy Policyto understand how ANEW Hotels & Resorts collects, uses, and discloses a member’s data. If a member has any questions about the ANEW Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy or its collection, use, or disclosure of a member’s data, the member should contact ANEW Hotels & Resorts.


1.2 Participating Properties and Brands

Participating Properties” are hotels and resorts operated under the brands that are owned, managed, franchised, or licensed by ANEW Hotels & Resorts (“Participating Brands”) and are bookable through ANEW Hotels & Resorts Direct Booking Channels unless otherwise stated (see 1.2.b.)




1.3 Earning

ANEW Rewards members can move up ANEW Rewards membership levels based on spend in a 12-month period (as per Wena Bucks accrual, this is based on accumulated check-out invoice totals from stays at ANEW Hotels & Resorts properties).

  • Spend R35, 000 in a year = upgrade to Platinum.
  • Spend R90 000 in a year = upgrade to Black.


This is calculated by the system automatically and the ANEW Hotels & Resorts Marketing Department will notify members when they qualify for a Level upgrade.

  1. Wena Bucks can only be earned on reservations booked through, by calling the ANEW Hotels & Resorts Central Reservations Office on 27 (0) 10 007 0000 or by booking directly with any ANEW Hotel or Resort.
  2. Wena Bucks cannot be earned on reservations booked through any online 3rd
  3. Members will earn Wena Bucks dependent on the member’s ANEW Rewards Level and are accrued based on a % of the member’s final invoice total at check-out:
    1. Gold Rewards member: 5%
    2. Platinum Rewards member: 10%
  • Black Rewards member: 15%
  1. Wena Bucks earned will reflect in the member profile 48 hours after check-out.
  2. Members earn Wena Bucks on a maximum of 2 rooms per stay.


1.4 Benefits of Membership

1.4.1 Member Rates

ANEW Rewards members will receive an exclusive, preferred rate (“Member Rate“) when they book rooms through ANEW Hotels & Resorts direct booking channels. Member Rates are available at all Participating Properties (subject to availability).

  1. Member Rates discounts are dependent on member’s ANEW Rewards Level:
  2. Gold Rewards member: 12 % Discount on the Best Available Rate.
  3. Platinum Rewards member: 15 % Discount on the Best Available Rate.
  • Black Rewards member: 20 % Discount on the Best Available Rate.
  1. Member Rates are applied to the Participating Property’s Best Available Rate (BAR).
  2. Member Rates may be combined with other select promotions, offers or discounts when specified in the Terms & Conditions of the relevant promotion, offer or discount. In such instances where a Member Rate is combined with another promotion, offer or discount, the Member Rate will be 5% lower than the promotion, offer or discount, regardless of the member’s ANEW Rewards Level.


1.4.2 Exclusive Rewards

In addition to Discounts and Wena Bucks, ANEW Rewards members also receive other exclusive Rewards (based on their ANEW Rewards Level), access to Exclusive Monthly Specials, Competitions and more.


These include:

  1. Early Check-in
  2. Late Check-out
  • In-Room Welcome Platters on Arrival
  1. Complimentary Room Upgrades
  2. Monthly ANEW Rewards Newsletter
  3. Monthly Competition/s
  • Monthly Special/s


  1. Early Check In

Members can check-in earlier, subject to availability, dependent    on their membership level.

  1. Gold Rewards member: check-in from 13:00 pm.
  2. Platinum Rewards member: check-in from 12:00 pm.
  • Black Rewards members: check-in from 11:00 am.




  1. Late Check Out

Members can check out later, subject to availability, dependent     on their membership level.

  1. Gold Rewards members: can request a late check-out at 12:00 pm.
  2. Platinum Rewards members: can request a late check-out at 13:00 pm.
  • Black Rewards members: can request a late check-out at 14:00 pm.


  1. In Room Welcome Platters

Platinum and Black Rewards members qualify for a complimentary in room welcome platter.


  1. ALL ANEW Rewards members qualify for complimentary Room Upgrades (to a maximum of one Room Level), subject to availability.



1.4.3  Conditions of Enrollment


  1. Completing the Enrollment Application.

An individual may enroll in ANEW Rewards by fully and accurately completing an application on the ANEW Hotels & Resorts website. ANEW Hotels & Resorts may deny membership in ANEW Rewards to any applicant in its sole discretion and        without written notice.


  1. Individual Membership.

Only individuals are eligible for ANEW Rewards membership,  and each individual may maintain only one Membership Account.  All ANEW Rewards Member Accounts are individual Accounts and no joint accounts are permitted. ANEW Rewards benefits are non-transferable.


  1. Subscribing to the ANEW Rewards Newsletter is a mandatory requirement of membership.





1.5 Types of Membership

  1. Gold ANEW Rewards Member: A Gold membership is the base membership level of ANEW Rewards.
  2. Platinum Rewards Member:  Upon reaching an accumulated Spend of R35, 000 per annum a member will be automatically upgraded to a Platinum membership level.
  • Black Rewards Member: Upon reaching an accumulated spend of R 90 000.00 per annum a member will be automatically upgraded to a Black membership level.
  • Members who are upgraded to a new level remain on that level for 12months from date of upgrade. Member’s must maintain the spend requirements of their Rewards level during this 12 month period or they will be subjected to a downgrade at the anniversary of their upgrade. Wena Bucks at time of Upgrade are unaffected by the Upgrade and will expire 12 months from their date of earning.

1.6 Assignment of Membership Account and Membership Number. 

After applying to ANEW Rewards, a Membership Account will be opened, and a Membership Number will be assigned to each applicant.  Upon receiving this Membership Number, an individual becomes a Member eligible for ANEW Rewards benefits.

1.7 Duplicate Accounts. 

An individual may join ANEW Rewards. However, a member may not have one or more duplicate Accounts for ANEW Rewards at any time.

If more than one Membership Number is assigned to an individual for ANEW Rewards, the member will only receive Wena Bucks for one Membership Account. Duplicate Membership Accounts may will be cancelled.

Members cannot combine any membership accounts.

1.8 Personal Profile. 

Information provided by a Member will be maintained in a personal preference profile with the Membership Account.  All information provided by a Member in his/her personal profile must be valid and accurate and must be kept current.

Name changes to a Membership Account must include supporting legal documentation, signature, date and Membership Number.



1.9 Use of Information Collected in Application.  

The information a Member provides to the ANEW Hotels & Resorts when completing the ANEW Rewards application and redeeming Wena Bucks is processed in accordance with the ANEW Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy.

Communication of relevant information is important to administering ANEW Rewards and providing each Member with the opportunity to maximize the benefits of Membership.  ANEW Rewards will only disclose Member information to:  ANEW Hotels & Resorts, person(s) authorized by the Member; franchisees, fulfillment houses, email service providers and mail houses that process mail for such entities; Authorized Licensees (as defined in the Privacy Policy); and marketing companies that provide services to ANEW Hotels & Resorts.

Member information will, in each case, only be disclosed for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. in order to better service the Membership Account and the Member’s preferences by keeping the Member informed of Account status and activities through printed or electronic statements;
  2. to assess a Member’s entitlement to benefits;
  3. to collect and process Member charges incurred at ANEW Hotels & Resorts facilities;
  4. to offer a Member additional products and services;
  5. to send periodic satisfaction or market research surveys; and/or
  6. to offer a Member products or services from select reputable companies with whom ANEW Rewards has a strategic relationship because ANEW Rewards believes their offerings will be of interest to the Member.

In choosing to become an ANEW Rewards Member, the Member consents to receive all the types of information described above, but the Member will be given the opportunity to define and modify mailing and other communication preferences.




1.10 Membership Communications

New Members will receive ANEW Rewards Membership communications. All ANEW Rewards communications will be sent to a member’s email address currently provided in the Member’s profile.  Members must keep their email addresses current.  ANEW Hotels & Resorts will take no responsibility for misdirected emails or any consequences thereof.

Members will receive regular Wena Bucks balances by email, provided there has been a transaction on the Account since the last Wena Bucks balance report and the Member provided the Company with the appropriate permission to contact the Member via email.

ANEW Hotels & Resorts may also send Members promotions, offers and other communications from time to time, which may include, without limitation, items from third parties.  The items from third parties are based on the information provided to ANEW Hotels & Resorts by a Member and any additional data ANEW Hotels & Resorts may maintain.  Members may change personal details and communications preferences at any time in their online profile.

Any time a Member contacts  ANEW Hotels & Resorts, ANEW Hotels & Resorts may ask the Member certain security questions to verify the Member’s identity. Calls might be recorded for quality purposes.

A Member can review their Wena Bucks balance and transaction history, and update personal details and preferences on their online profile on A username and password are required to access the website.

2. Other Conditions of Enrollment

2.1 Cancelling or Suspending Membership Accounts

2.1.1 Cancelling by Member. 

A Member may cancel their membership to ANEW Rewards at any time by sending written notice of cancellation to ANEW Hotels & Resorts. All unredeemed Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards, and promotional Awards as well as achieved member status, will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or transferred.


2.1.2 Cancelling or Suspending by the Company. 

The Company may cancel a Member’s accumulated Wena Bucks, suspend ANEW Rewards benefits (which will subsequently also remove protection against the forfeiture of Wena Bucks should the member become inactive, or cancel a Member’s Account at any time with immediate effect and without written notice, for any reason and in ANEW Hotels & Resorts sole discretion including, without limitation, if ANEW Hotels & Resorts believes the Member has:

  • Acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances;
  • Failed to pay any hotel or other bill when due to ANEW Hotels & Resorts;
  • Acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive or hostile manner;
  • Breached or violated any of these Program Rules
  • Fraudulently claimed eligibility to earn benefits
  • Engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with ANEW Rewards including, without limitation, with respect to Wena Bucks, Redemption usage, or any other ANEW Rewards Member benefits.
  • Legal Action.Nothing contained in these Program Rules will limit ANEW Hotels & Resorts in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.


2.2 Effect of Membership Cancellation

ANEW Rewards, Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards, promotional Awards and other related benefits and services are the sole property of ANEW Hotels & Resorts, and are not the property of Members. On cancellation of membership to ANEW Rewards for any reason, all unredeemed Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards and promotional Awards will be forfeited and a Member will no longer be able to participate in ANEW Rewards. Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards and promotional Awards have no cash value and ANEW Hotels & Resorts will not compensate or pay cash for any forfeited or unused Wena Bucks.

If the Company cancels a Member’s Account for any reason, the Member may not reapply for membership in ANEW Rewards except in very limited circumstances at ANEW Hotels & Resorts’ sole discretion, and any Account opened in the Member’s name and Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards and promotional Awards earned in that Account will be forfeited upon discovery.

If a Member cancels his/her Account, or if a Member Account becomes inactive, the Member may reapply for membership in ANEW Rewards at a later date, but no Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards and promotional Awards previously forfeited or expired will be reinstated to the Member Account.


  1. Modification of Program. 

Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by applicable laws, ANEW Hotels & Resorts has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel ANEW Rewards Rules, Awards and Award levels at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of Wena Bucks, or the ability to obtain certain Awards. Partner Programs similarly reserve the right to modify their own programs, which may impact your rights and expected benefits under ANEW Rewards.

ANEW Hotels & Resorts and Partner Programs may, among other things:

  1. increase or decrease the number of Wena Bucks received for a stay or required for an redemption;
  2. withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Award;
  • add blackout dates, limit rooms available for any member at any Participating Property or otherwise restrict the continued availability of member rates;
  1. change program benefits, travel partners, locations served by ANEW Hotels & Rewards or its travel partners, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting Wena Bucks, or rules governing the use of Awards;
  2. change or cancel its travel partner awards. In accumulating Wena Bucks, Members may not rely upon the continued availability of any Award or Award level and category.




  1. Termination of Program. 

ANEW Hotels & Resorts may terminate ANEW Rewards with three (3) months’ advance notice to all active ANEW Rewards Members. At ANEW Hotels & Resorts’ sole discretion, ANEW Hotels & Resorts may choose to substitute a similar loyalty program for ANEW Rewards at any time immediately upon notice to active ANEW Rewards Members.

A Member may not accumulate Wena Bucks or claim Redemption Awards, promotional Awards or ANEW Rewards benefits or amenities after the termination of ANEW Rewards. If ANEW Rewards is terminated, all unredeemed Wena Bucks will be forfeited without any obligation or liability, and no Redemption Award claims or promotional Award claims will be honored after the conclusion of the notice period. ANEW Hotels & Resorts may terminate any of ANEW Rewards in whole or in part, in any jurisdiction on less than three months’ notice if required to do so by applicable law.


  1. Benefits Subject to Availability and Modification. 

All ANEW Rewards benefits, amenities, offers, awards and services are subject to availability and may be changed at any time without notice.


  1. No Sale or Transfer. 

Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards, promotional Awards and other Member benefits may not be sold, bartered or transferred (other than by ANEW Hotels & Resorts or its agents). Any attempted transfer, sale or barter will be void and will be confiscated. ANEW Hotels & Resorts and its partners may refuse to honor or recognize any Wena Bucks, Redemption Awards, promotional Awards or Member benefits which ANEW Hotels & Resorts believes may have been transferred, sold or bartered.